Reiki is all around you!

Reiki is universal life force energy. You do it every time you bump your funny bone and then cup it in your hand. Every time you hold your head while trying to recall something, asking yourself, “Come on, remember! remember!”

That’s my simple explanation of everyday Reiki.

I am attuned to channel that healing more deeply. Think of me as a radio, picking up a healing frequency, and playing your favorite music exactly where you need to hear it.

Reiki feels like a really good hug. And if you are willing to let go of anything that’s blocking you spiritually and physically, you will find relief from what ails you, and exist in the true state of wellness that you deserve.

A Session

…takes as long as the energy wants it to. Typically we’ll be working together from 30-45 minutes, where you’ll be laying down on your back (fully clothed in whatever you’re wearing, but shoes off) relaxed beneath a light cloth. I will start at your head, gently touching your temple. From there, energy takes over and guides us both.

Depending on our comfort level with each other and what our energetic needs are that day, I will hover over or gently place my hands on you.The main points of contact are your head, shoulders, stomach, knees, and feet. This corresponds with some Chakra centers. And while there are more…

I will follow where the energy takes us both.

If you have a specificity that you wish to work on, we can focus there. We will focus on any recent injury or recurrent place of concern, spending more time with that part of you.

If you fall asleep, that’s okay! At the end of each session, I clear the room for us both with a lovely chime and give you a cup of Reiki charged water. As you take your time getting up, we will talk briefly and intimately about the experience. Some patients report seeing colors or animals, and others develop mantras with me that they apply as the energy settles into their life.

About Stacy

She received her first Reiki attunement over 10 years ago, and is currently a Chuden (second degree) healer. She was first attuned to the Western appropriation of Reiki, levels I and II, but expanded her abilities by studying the original Komyo ReikiDo under Jogan at the Traditional Reiki Center. Stacy also practices Access Consciousness, a sort of de-frag for the mind. She has working knowledge of homeopathic remedies and chiropractic awareness, having assisted in this multi use healing facility for 6 years running.

As a child, she discovered she is a high-transmedium person by nature, with psychometry. That means that she sees spirits & connects to the life that objects have had just by touching them. It was a strange thing to live with, until she found a way to apply it with Reiki. As a healer, she is happy and whole, always ready to help, but enjoys her downtime just like you.

In addition, she is the assistant to New York City’s best chiropractor, Dr. Lenny Rosenblum at Union Square Spinal Care.

She enjoys every beach in every season and adores / knows everything there is to know about cheetahs.

Schedule an Appointment

A one hour Reiki session is only $70 due at the time of the appointment.  If this is your first time, I offer a $20 discount to new clients.

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